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About Us

In 1955, a humble group of believers began meeting in a tavern located in Cartwright, Oklahoma. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, people were drawn in and faithfully met to worship and hear God's Holy Word.

The small congregation eventually purchased a barracks from Perrin Field and placed it on 4th street in Cartwright. After many years of saving money, a plot of land, housing the current church, was purchased with the prayer of impacting the local community. These faithful servants began construction on the plot in the early '80s and started services in the early '90s. Since then, Cartwright church has continued to grow both physically and spiritually.

 The ministry of a dedicated group of believers in the '50s has been faithfully cultivated throughout the following decades. The sole mission of FBC Cartwright is to glorify the Most High God by sewing the seeds of His truth among all who walk through the doors. 


Our hope is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ among our community and the world. By upholding God's Word as absolute truth, we know that lives will be supernaturally changed and used to further the Kingdom of Heaven.


God's word demands obedience from His people-we submit to this command through evangelism and international mission work. Serving people from all nations and all backgrounds is at the heart of Cartwright Church. 


Cartwright is a diverse community of people. There is an abundance of work to be done among families. It is important to be a presence and a steward of Christ among our Cartwright neighbors.

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